About The Wheel Source

For over 10 years, The Wheel-Source, Inc. has been providing customers across the United States and Canada with the highest quality steel wheels and excellent customer service. We provide multiple styles of steel wheels including automotive (hub-centric and multi-fit), OEM, light duty and medium duty wheels.  We have the ability to ship directly from our factory to our customer’s door. We also have warehouse facilities outside of Detroit, MI where product is stored.

We walk our customers through every step of the process from placing orders, to producing the wheels, the shipment of containers, and delivery to the final destination.

  • We are the US distributor for the world’s largest OE manufacturer
  • We provide product liability insurance offered by a US company
  • We have sold over 2,000,000 automotive wheels in the US and Canada
  • Modular OEM styling available on all wheels
  • We have 5 high speed, automated production lines that use OEM technology for our winter wheels
  • All wheels conform to Tire & Rim Standards & certified by approved US testing laboratory
  • Meets all DOT (USA) & TUV (European) standards
  • We are able to ship to any region in the US and Canada, east coast to west coast.


  • Hub-centric
  • Multi-fit
  • OEM
  • Light truck singles and duals
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty (factory direct ship only)